No linkable item found in Devonthink

I bought Hook to use with Devonthink and downloaded Hook yesterday. But everytime I try to use Hook with DT I get the message that “No linkable item with Devonthink”. I have the latest version of DT3 and Hook works OK with other apps. Can anypne help?

Thanks in advance

Might be worth running Hook > Preferences > Updates > Check Now, which ensures that you have the latest set of scripts for each application.

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You might be experiencing the same situation that another user had with Hook not working with Chrome. Substitute “DEVONthink” for “Chrome” and follow the advice.

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welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @peedwards. Sorry you encountered a bump on the road. I’ve just run another test with Hook 1.4 (public version) in context of DT3 (3.0.4) and it works for me.

Are you still having an issue after checking automation and scripts, per the comments above?


Thank you. The DevonThink wasn’t checked in the panel in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Automation. Seems to work now.

I am aiming to use Hook to support my History research - looks encouraging.



Hi there,

Sorry to bring this post alive, but as above mentioned, I find no Devonthink’s item in Preferences > Security & Privacy > Automation. It is said the Hookmark shall ask for permission when it works with devonthink for the first time but it did not ask for any permission except the first time when I opened the Hookmark.

I also tried to reinstall the Hookmark but it did not work.

Anyone has any solution would be much appreciated.

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @holamigo. Does the following tip from No Linkable Item in … – Hookmark help?

The macOS accessibility permissions database can get confused. In that case you might see strange behavior like not being able to disable or enable permissions for an app. In that case, you may reset Accessibility for Hookmark as follows:

  1. tccutil reset Accessibility com.cogsciapps.hook
  2. Reboot your Mac.

For example: Accessibility problem – Discussion & Help – Hookmark Forum.

Not really, my problem happened in automation tab, not the accessibility tab. Resetting accessibility made hookmark asked again for permission for accessibility however not for automation.

I described my problem in this post

The issue and solution are documented in a different topic updated this morning: