Category Topics

Discussion & Help

General discussion about Hook, and how you are using it. You can ask questions here.
However: bug reports should go in the Bug Reports forum. Feature requests should go in the Feature Requests forum.

Hook Feature Requests

Do you have an idea for a Hook feature or improvement? This is the place to let us know.


Bug Reports

This forum is for bug reports only. Please do not include feature requests, support requests or other topics here. That will help other users and it will help Hook developers identify and manage issues. Non-bug reports will be moved from here to another category.

Showcases and Use Cases

This category is for illustrating the use of Hook:


Occasionally we will use this category to make product and company announcements that don’t fit anywhere else. Hint: you can subscribe to this category to be alerted when there’s a new post.


Site Feedback (About the Forum and documentation)

Discussion about the Hook Productivity website, this forum, their organization, content, how they work, and how they could be improved. This also includes discussion of Hook’s online documentation.


New releases of Hook are announced here. They’re also announced elsewhere, including Twitter. Topics in this category will describe each release in some detail, and will remain here as an official record of Hook releases.


Share Hook automation

This category is for (a) scripts that can be used in Hook’s Script Editor and (b) other automations involving Hook. If you have general questions about this please use the Help & Discussion category.