Hookmark does not request access to automation (no linkable item found in X)

Hi there,

The thing was that I upgraded hookmark from hook, bought a pro version and got a “no linkable item found in Devonthink 3”, then I started to search in the internet for a solution (the official page of hookmark does not help as there is no Devonthink 3 in automation list of privacy setting on mac). I located the problem possibly to be the permission or access to automation, but find no solution to add an application manually into the list of automation in security & privacy settings, neither does the hookmark request access.

I did some experiments to reset the permissions incluing permission for automation, but one of them destroyed my permission settings. I resetted all the permissions by sudo tccutil reset All to let hookmark ask for access again but hookmark remains silent. Currently the automation list in security & privacy settings is empty, but previously it contained some applications. Especially some items were contained by hookmark like chrome and several note apps (probably inheritted from older version of hook, I upgraded today). So now hookmark does not work at all, even with chrome and some other apps which worked well before I reset permissions.

I am still confused on whether it is a bug of macOS or hookmark. Probably a bug of macOS, because I found my whatsapp on mac does not request access to microphone, but my whatsapp is an older version. I’ll upgrade it and have a test after I finish this post.

On a seperate note, is it possbile that some application might adjust my permission settings resulting in discrepancy between my setting and its adjustment. A weird circumstance is that before I did the experiment, hookmark worked well with marginnote, a note app, while marginnote was also not on the list of automation below hookmark. After the experiment, it does not work.

My OS version is 13.2 Ventura and I have upgraded hookmark to the latest version.

Anyone can help me to identify the problem would be much appreciated. SOS

It sounds like your permissions database is corrupted. Normally resetting it should do the trick. I’m wondering if there is a specific issue related to Ventura happening here.

Do you use other tools that require permissions, such as:

? If so, are they misbehaving as well?

I’ve found this related post: Privacy & Security settings in macOS reset on reboot. We cannot vouch for its solution. But is that what the Accessibility tab looks like in your case?

As a workaround until finding a fix for this you can still find your bookmarks by doing ⌘F and searching. If the app has its own URL scheme, you can narrow down the bookmarks with it, such as “OmniFocus” or “url:OmniFocus”. Partial matches will work “url:omnif”. There’s a NOT operator and other syntax you can leverage. Entering part of the title item in the search (possibly with other info like the URL scheme) will narrow down your search.

Thanks for your response!

I tried Timing.app, and it asked acess to automation for finder and chrome. I granted and they were displayed in the list. So it’s Hookmark’s problem, I guess?

Yes tab looks same, but mine is automation tab, which does allow me to add any application manually (at least so far I don’t find any way do to this). My accessibility tab works fine, but I also tried it but it did not fix my problem.

By the way, timing.app works well, which might mean the problem comes from hookmark. I also tried hookmark’s older version but the problem persists. Is that a consequence of macOS’s update, resulting in the incompatibility that, macOS probably has changed its logic to allow an application to send prompt for permission request? If you are developer, could you please try on in macOS 13.2, so that I can know it’s not only me who get this trouble at least.

especially the prompt for requesting access to Automation, as the Availability requesting works well at the first start of hookmark (it prompted to ask for it).

yes, Hookmark is qualified for macOS 13.2

I’m not aware of any software that would do that. Doing tccutil reset “under the hood” would still require authentication.

Could you please delete all prior instances of Hook and Hookmark. Reboot. Download and re-install Hookmark 5. Relaunch. Try Hookmark again in Finder. Try Hookmark in some app that you’ve never used Hookmark with before.

Could you please send us a screenshot of your automation tab where Hookmark should be?

Thanks for all the feedback and patience.

I tried your suggestion, however it does not work for me. I tried to use hookmark in omnifocus which I didn’t use with before.

this is the security & privacy setting, where you select Automation tab.

this is where hookmark is supposed to be but as you can see there is only timing.app here and this is actually the record I tried timing.app for test.

Thank you for your kindest help. I finally resovled it by resetting NVRAM, all applications need permission now prompt to request. To reset NVRAM, just input NVRAM -c in terminal or in the terminal of recovery mode (in my case I used the latter) and reboot the mac. It will report an error but doesn’t matter and it should do it.

It turns out to be neither Hookmark’s nor macOS’s problem, but my problem.

I hope it helps to anyone who has same or similar issue.

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Thank you for letting us know, @holamigo. Much appreciated. We’ll keep that in mind in case other users have the same issue in the future.