Support inquiry: MarginNote


In the past year I got hooked on MarginNote which might support most of the requirements for Cognitive Productivity either in its own features, or through its integrations with external tools like e.g. Anki and iThoughtsX.

Will Hook be able to script its way to/from MarginNote?

I expect it won’t be possible from day one, but the developers seem to be so great at developing features that I suppose it shouldn’t be too long until they support the integration API. (Once we discuss that with them.)

Also, I’m very interested in Luc’s opinion of MarginNote. Once I’m back from vacation I could be available to screenshare and discuss about it if there’s interest.

BTW I wasn’t sure which category is appropriate for script requests…

Thank you Daniel.

We’ve had prior requests for integrating with it. But the last time we checked, it doesn’t support automation (required for inter-app communication). So we got in touch with the MarginNote developer earlier this year to request the minimal Apple Script or other capabilities required by Hook (and other automation developers for that matter).

If enough MarginNote customers request it, perhaps they will oblige:

but we’ll have another look to see if they’ve added anything we can use.If not, we will be back in touch with them, and other apps in our backlog, after the launch, as we extend the range of apps with which Hook out of the box. With Hook coming out of beta with a splash, and the concept of inter-app linking getting traction, I am optimistic.

Re MarginNote: yes, MarginNote’s been on my radar for at least a couple of years. For almost a decade at SFU (me: 2002-2009) I managed the software development of a few substantial integrated learning environment ( statstudy, gStudy and then nStudy, the latter is still active as an academic research tool) with very extensive note-taking capabilities. my co-founder , Brian Shi was the lead developer on the projects for many years. There’s overlap with what MarginNote is doing.

The Hook approach of course is to focus on the core features ( linking and meta-access), allowing users to connect and access items from as many apps as possible.

Thanks for the detailed answer, Luc. I also wrote them here as part of another request for similar integration features.

I was curious about nStudy but concluded that it’s not intended for public usage. Too bad. :slight_smile: I usually try every piece of software that might be promising for my own use.

Good launch! I’m proud of having supported Hook before your launch.

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