Version 171 of Hook software integration: Link Zoom meetings to anything linkable

We’ve previously explained how useful it is to take notes before, during, and after meetings — and how to use Hook to do that.

Now with Version 171 of Hook integration, you can link Zoom meetings to anything. Zoom meetings can become a hub for documenting meetings. You can instantly create a new linked note, in the app of your choice, that is linked to the Zoom meeting.

Suppose you’re in a meeting and want to take notes about it, just launch Zoom and do Hook to New... > and select a template. Some useful templates to choose from include:

  • A single document (Craft, OmniOutliner, Pages, .txt, whatever)
  • A folder containing templates for meetings

Or in the same meeting, use Hook’s ⌘N to create a default note-taking document.

You can also now of course use Hook’s Copy Link to copy a link to a zoom meeting. Send it to friends, family, colleagues. Hook it to contacts, and more.

Instantly navigate between your notes and the meeting

This means that during a meeting you can instantly navigate between Zoom the zoom meeting and items linked to it.

This could be one or more of the following:

  • the meeting agenda
  • meeting minutes you are taking about the meeting
  • minutes from previous meetings
  • reference materials (web pages, emails, PDFs, projects in your task manager, Merlin Project plans, OmniPlan documents, etc.)
  • anything else that is linkable

For instance, if the meeting involves reviewing a website, then you can link the zoom meeting to the website.


This works in all languages, though the link title has “Meeting” in it.

Zoom links

  • Zoom link names are of the form Zoom Meeting <meeting ID>. The spacing in the meeting ID matches how Zoom formats meeting IDs.
  • Zoom URLs have the form zoommtg://

Rename the meeting link

Want the meeting link to be more meaningful? Then simply invoke Hook in the meeting and do Title menu > Rename (or ⌃⇧R , which is the standard macOS keyboard shortcut for renaming items).

Searching for all your Zoom bookmarks

Hook automatically bookmarks.

You can search for all your Zoom links by using any of the following incantations in Hook’s ⌘F search:

  • url:zoom* : will match any link the URL of which contains zoom followed by 0 or more characters.
  • zoommtg: any link containing zoommtg in its title or URL followed by 0 or more characters.
  • url:zoommtg: any link containing zoommtg in its URL followed by 0 or more characters.

other variants can work.

Please note that Hook’s search is tokenized.

How to get the updated integration

Hook’s automatic software update (if enabled) automatically updates Hook’s integration scripts without you needing to relaunch Hook. Using Hook’s Check for App Updates and Update Scripts command also updates the scripts, without you needing to relaunch Hook.


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Thanks to @timstringer of Learn OmniFocus for requesting this integration.


@LucB – Thanks to you and the team for adding this integration.

I opened up a Zoom meeting and was able to create a new note in Craft using Hook to New. The link that was created in Craft is zoommtg:// and when I clicked on it, I was prompted to start a new meeting.

I also tried doing a Copy Link while in the Zoom meeting and the result link was: zoommtg://<meeting id>. This link did successfully return me to the meeting in progress.

Any idea why the meeting ID wouldn’t have been included in the new note in Craft? In case it’s relevant, the meeting I’m using for testing doesn’t have a password.

Thanks again!

sorry for the delay, Tim. I am in a Zoom right now (PHEMI shareholder meeting). And Hook to New > Craft worked as expected. The meeting ID shows up in the new note title, the markdown linkback. And the Hook link.

On the Zoom meeting side one needs to be in the Zoom meeting per se, rather than selecting it in a list of meetings.

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Thanks for the follow-up, @LucB and no worries on the delay responding.

I just tried this again and it worked as expected. I’ll be sure to let you know if the issues that I was having before resurfaces.

I assume this feature is primarily intended for repeating meetings (i.e. where the same Zoom meeting link is used for multiple meetings). I believe that one-time links (i.e. meetings scheduled for a specific day/time) will be invalidated by Zoom soon after the meeting is complete.

Personally, I have already been finding them useful as a node for meetings. So you can hook the meeting to a hub node, and navigate from there. So with “muscle memory” I can without thinking navigate to the linked information. The last thing I want to do in a meeting is bring up Spotlight or a launcher to get to information I need to consult immediately.

You can also do Copy All Links on the hub to connect everything to the meeting so that it is all within 1 degree, no navigation required.

It may be helpful to have some videos along with a blog post with images.

Thanks for sharing how you’re using this feature, @LucB.

It may be helpful to have some videos along with a blog post with images.

I think that would be very helpful. :+1:

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