[RESOLVED: feature works as intended] Missing linking/copying options

I updated to the latest version of Hook (1.3.1 (2892)), and found this:

The options for linking/copying etc. is no longer visible. I can access them by ctrl-T, but this is way more cumbersome than the old way of doing things as it involves more keystrokes to achieve what before only involved using the arrow keys.

I can only assume that this is a bug, or else it is a big step backwards in usability.

Each of the items has a keyboard shortcut, so the ^T menu is there only as a memory aid.

See this post where someone else raised the same issue, with the dev’s response.


Thank you for the reply.
I did search for similar post, but hey nobody is perfect right? :wink:

I will state this here again, and in the post that you mentioned: “This is a really really backwards step in usability”. The previous way of operating things were much more intuitive and faster.

I wasn’t trying to imply you should have seen it. :smile:

I never read at the top of a page :wink:

Sorry, just spotted and corrected typo, that was supposed to read “wasn’t

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