Not recoverable status bar

I updated to the latest version of Hook (1.3.1 (2892)), and found this:

When I chose “Hide status bar” from that cog wheel it did indeed hide it, but now there’s no option to get the status bar back as the cog wheel is gone.
And I can’t find the option to get it back anywhere else in the preferences, or by using ctrl-T…

Restarting Hook did not fix this.

Se also Missing linking/copying options - Bug Reports - Hook Productivity Forum, as they may be related.

This sounds like a bug, but you can get to the gear menu with ^G if I remember correctly.

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Thank you, it wasn’t a bug - it was just because of the new confusing interface that I didn’t find this shortcut.
See my other post here: Missing linking/copying options - Bug Reports - Hook Productivity Forum

⌘/ can show /hide the status bar. (This is the same shortcut that Finder and Safari use for showing/hiding their status bar).

It is confusing that the show/hide menu item is not accessible when the status bar is hidden. We might add it to Hook’s menu bar window Gear menu so you can always access it. The menu bar window which has a similar, but currently hidden, status bar.

As noted there are trade-offs here. For onboarding, we chose to move the gear menu to the status bar. When the Hook window first comes up, it is blank. Users are invited to (and according to our tests do) click on the title or [V] button , which exposes the Title menu. That gets them going into Hook.

Thanks again for the explanation, I was really confused when I couldn’t find the setting for showing the status bar again. I tried ctrl-T and the preferences, but at that time I didn’t know about the ctrl-G. Kind of a 'cultural shock" with the new version.

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hopefully new screencasts will also help. We had an arrangement for them which fell through. I will roll up my “sleeves” :). We’ll have a bunch of small screencasts inserted throughout the documentation.

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