Linking Obsidian resources to anything

Several people have expressed an interest in being able to automatically connect their Obsidian files to other resources.

For example,

Hook would facilitate this linking if Obsidian had a linking API. We will look at their plugins to see if they do the job. (Perhaps someone has already done the research?). If so, we may pursue that. But it would be better for Obsidian to have the support universally without additional customization.

On Obsidian’s forum , haberjr has kindly posted this Compatibility with Hook Productivity on Mac OS - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum. I invite anyone who wants this feature to like that post and perhaps contribute some comments. I am writing my own reply.

We can use this new topic here to pursue the discussion on our side too. But over on Obsidian’s side would be most effective if it Obsidian were to add an API, knowing that most of the best note-taking Mac apps do provide an API.

My reply on Obsidian’s forum is here.


I have early access to a developer build from Obsidian, version 0.81. Usually they release this for the public in about 5-7 days. In this version they include an outliner plugin. When you activate this plugin, and you right-click on an Obsidian note in their file browser, you can open the note with your default markdown app e.g. IA Writer for me, or you can open the folder in which the file is located.

This makes it now possible to easily create a hook link to the underlying Obsidian note. It is not the easiest way - but it is now easier to do it which is great. Thumbs up for Obsidian developers - I did request this feature specifically with Hook in mind.

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