E-Sword X Script Available?

Hello, I saw the java script that was made for accordance. is there any script for Logos or E-Sword X for Mac? thank you

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Hi Obadiah, as a daily user of Logos I’d very much like to see support for it.

I wrote to Logos to ask them to open it up a bit more, although I don’t think I was clear enough.

As for E-Sword X, I’m not aware of it having ever been discussed here.

Are you a user of both apps?

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Yes, @danieljomphe I have accordance, logos, and e-sword x. I use all 3 depending on the use case. The mobile apps have a lot to do with the workflow. im still trying to figure out which bible app is best for obsidian. If there are ways to use .md files in any bible app, that would also be perfect since obsidian could potentially read those folders and create new notes. That way when you open the Bible app, the verses would become references.

Logos stores notes in its own proprietary database, and I guess Accordance and E-Sword X do the same.

If there’s some option in either app’s notes to Reveal in Finder, there might be some hope to integrate with external tools, even if they will most surely not be based on markdown.

If as is the case with Logos, there’s some option to Copy a link to this note or something like this, there also might be some hope there to Hook-link a bible reference to an Obsidian note, as soon as Obsidian’s support for Hook links improves (I think the last release of Obsidian might help with that. People will probably discuss the improvements in this post.)


is there any update on this? I’d love to be able to use hook with e-sword!

e-Sword X: Bible Study for the Mac | Home does not seem to have automation for getting the title and address of the currently selected item. I would recommend Contacting the developer to see if there’s any API to get the title and name of the app. Our documentation makes it easy to add automation. They can get in touch with us if there are questions.

Alternatively, if e-sword exposes its files on the Finder, you could use the Finder to hook items (not as convenient, but a starting point).

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