Hook Version 1.7.1 (3399) is now available

Hook Version 1.7.1 (3399) is now available as an in-app update and from Hook’s download page. This fixes a bug and updates integration with various apps.

  • FIXED. The previous release (Hook 1.7) introduced a formatting problem with the RTF value of Hook’s Copy Link, per this forum topic. When you would paste these links in certain apps, the font size would be 17 and the font itself unexpected. This is now fixed.

Software integrations

If you’ve enabled automatic software updates, you may received these integration updates already.


Thank you to everyone who contributed information to this and previous releases.

We had wanted to mention in our release notes each individual who provided input including integration or pointers thereof. However, we then realized this requires receiving permission from contributors and is also very difficult to manage as we are receiving many comments and from many sources (twitter, email, forum, etc). In our release notes, we try to link particular issues to forum posts or other documents so that readers can get more information, and as a form of acknowledgement. We greatly appreciate all your input, as I am sure your fellow Hook users do.

Twitter and Forum

We are working on major developments of your Hook productivity app— ETA this summer (after a minor release: 1.8), and then continuing :blush:.

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