√ Support for Microsoft Edge Browser

I have been using Microsoft Edge Browser in lieu of Chrome. I am liking the experience, but would like it even more if Hook supported it. Any plans to add Edge to the lineup? It would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @jeffk8900 . And thanks for asking. We aim to work with all the browsers that are potentially linkable, and to be able to link the resources of as many apps as possible. We’ll have a look.

We have had a look and are trying the following script which would go in a new Chrome script bundle:

tell application "Microsoft Edge"
        set mytab to active tab of window 1
        set aTitle to title of mytab

        set aURL to URL of mytab
        return "[" & aTitle & "](" & aURL & ")"

end tell

per Creating Integration Scripts – Hook. If it works out, we will add it to the Hook integration server, so that customers who have enabled automatic updates can get it automatically.

Thanks for the reply. I am not sure exactly how to implement the script. I made a new app script termed Edge, put code in the Get Name and Get Address window. As that looked like the chrome one. It allowed Hook to be invoked but came up with safari in hook window after invocation on Edge. Same behavior on chrome. Everything opens in Safari. Safari is the default browser and not sure if that is default behavior. Anyway, I erased the Edge app script I made and will wait for update. Thanks.

Microsoft Edge integration is now available as an in app update per Hook integration scripts v. 121 now available with support for Microsoft Edge - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum.

You may need to delete the script you created in Hook > Preferences > Scripts because it might override this script (depending on what you did). Just select the Edge script you created and hit the “-” button at the bottom left of the column. That will not delete CogSci Apps’s Hooks scripts.

Enjoy :blush:

Thanks so much. It works.

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