Hook integration scripts v. 117 now available with Deep Linking to Curio 14 documents

Version 117 of Hook integration scripts is now available.

Curio! Deep linking to items in Curio files and their objects

@georgezengobi’s Zengobi, Inc, has released Curio 14 which contains many improvements. In particular, Curio 14 has new scripting abilities, including the ability to get the URL of a particular page (such as a PDF) and item.

Rather than using hook://file URLs, Hook’s Copy Link and Copy Markdown Link commands now return a curio:// URL. This means that you can now get links to specific organizer items in Curio documents, and even to objects within them (mind maps, pinboards, albums, index cards, lists, etc.)!

Curio 14 renders the solution described in a previous forum post, Curio 13 “Get Adress” Script for items in a project - Share your Hook scripts - Hook Productivity Forum, obsolete. Much better to upgrade to Curio 14.

User who do not want the new Hook integration with Curio can use Hook’s default integration scripts or the solution previously described by @georgezengobi on the forum.

About Curio

Curio is a Note Taking, Mind Mapping, and Brainstorming app.

Amongst Curio 14’s many enhancement, there are other linking improvements that Hook users will find interesting. Check out the “Smarter Hyperlinks” section of those release notes.

Currently the Mac App Store still has Curio 13, but the Curio 14 is coming to Mac App Store very soon.

There’s lots to say about Curio, so we will soon publish a blog post about Hook’s integration with Curio 14.

Other Hook integration improvements

Version 111 also makes the following integration scripts more readable: EverNote, BookEnds BookReader, HoudahSpot-5, without changing the functionality.

We’ve also made updated Hook’s default integration script (visible in the Scripts pane of the preferences window).

How to get the updated integration

Hook’s automatic software update (if enabled) automatically updates Hook’s integration scripts without you needing to relaunch Hook. Using Hook’s Check for App Updates and Update Scripts command also updates the scripts, without needing to relaunch Hook.

We also bundle Hook’s integration scripts with the Hook installer itself, of course. Version 1.6 is next.

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