Hook Version 1.6 (3385) is now available: New automation for hooking items together, Curio 14 deep linking, and more

Hook Version 1.6 (3385) is now available as an in-app update and from Hook’s download page.. This release expands automation, adds
deep linking with Curio 14, and more!

1. App enhancements

  • NEW. Hook’s automation (AppleScript/ JavaScript API) now supports hooking items together. This opens up many possibilities!
  • NEW. Hook’s automation (AppleScript/ JavaScript API) now supports adding a bookmark from the active window. This allows Hook users to bypass the Hook window. More possibilities!
  • NEW. In Preferences pane, clicking sync folder icon now opens the folder.
  • UPDATED. Hook to New… menu (⌃⌘M) loads more quickly.
  • UPDATED. New installations of Hook get a built-in template for TaskPaper.
  • UPDATED. Clicking on title bar more reliably leads to Title menu. Users who still have difficulty seeing the title menu by clicking the title bar may disable title-bar-dragging by pasting this in /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app: defaults read com.cogsciapps.hook preference.can.drag.via.title. Or use ⌃T keyboard shortcut.
  • UPDATED. Hook’s startup splash screen label and behavior have been improved. More efficiency and modernization coming soon.
  • UPDATED. Hook now observes the macOS Finder substitute setting, enabling users to use Path Finder or other apps with Hook’s universal Reveal File in Finder command.
  • UPDATED. The RTF info generated by Copy Link now emits a non-Unicode fallback character for each Unicode character. Thanks to Nisus for the tip.
  • UPDATED. Several label changes in menu bar window and notifications issued when user hooks items together.
  • FIXED. Hook sync now runs even if the MacBook is disconnected from power.
  • FIXED. Hook’s Script Editor is advertised as a Pro-only feature on Hook’s Buy page; however it was not disabled in Essentials mode. Now it is.
  • FIXED. Names of links created via Copy a Search Link from Clipboard no longer contain special characters for the spaces they (the characters) encoded.
  • FIXED. Attempting to remove the hook for an invalid bookmark (via automation) will no longer crash Hook.
  • FIXED. Before Hook 1.6, when the title of a resource included / (forward slash) and user applied a form of Hook to New that creates a file in Finder, the name of the new file used to be truncated from the / onwards. Now Hook simply replaces / with _ (underscore).
  • FIXED. In the context of Finder, opening a file (e.g., by double-clicking or with ⌘O) whose name ends with mixed or upper case versions of .hook (e.g., .HOOK or .hOok), rather than .hook, would invoke Hook’s contextual window. Now it causes Hook to open the first URL in the file, if there is one.

2. Updated integrations with your favorite apps

2.1 Hook supports deep-linking with Curio

Hook 1.6 takes advantage of the newly released Curio 14 API which supports deep-linking. This means that Hook can now link to specific items in Curio.

Rather than using hook://file URLs, Hook’s Copy Link and Copy Markdown Link commands now return a curio:// URL. This means that you can now get links to specific organizer items in Curio documents, and even to objects within them (mind maps, pinboards, albums, index cards, lists, etc.)!

For more information check out Hook’s integration release notes (v. 117).

2.2 Other integration updates

  • Adobe Illustrator. Hook can now be invoked even if AI’s palettes are visible.
  • Drafts and Agenda app integration slightly updated.

If you enable automatic updates, you may have received updates for most of the above.

Other updates

  • Mellel. Links garnered from Hook’s Copy Link and pasted into Mellel now work as expected.
  • Apple’s Notes.app is no longer included in the list of Link to New items, which is in line with our previous updates per Apple Notes and Hook.

FYI: right out of the box, Hook supports the brand new diagram editor for Mac, Diagrams :blush:.

The Hook integration server automatically provides updates to Hook clients. They are also bundled into new versions of the app.

3. For more information

For more information please visit the Hook productivity forum, and Hook productivity blog posts.


Thanks to everyone for using Hook and contributing to it!


Can someone post some examples of what this means? It sounds really cool, but I’m not 100% sure what this means.


I personally would like to see the startup splash screen gone. This isn’t very mac-like behavior, and it’s distracting.


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