Hook 3.3 public BETA is available for testing

Hook Version 3.3 public BETA (4513; Integration v. 178) is now available for testing.

Executive Summary

  • Hook app can now be brought entirely to the foreground, with its own menubar and Dock icon. This is just the first step towards adding many new foreground app features to Hook. However, the popup window remains the main mode of interaction.
  • Hook now supports Apple’s Photos app. Super handy!
  • The Focus on Link in Clipboard command (introduced in Hook 3.2) is now shown in Hook’s Gear menu.
  • and more improvements and fixes.

For more information and download

For more information and a link to the download please see Hook 3.3 public BETA – Hook.


Thank you to users who have made suggestions, reported issues, contribute to the forum, read the forum, and/or simply use Hook.


the foreground mode may take some getting used to. But with additional functionality we can build on it, we think it will be worth it.

But if you want to turn it off, I should point out the following from the release notes:

Don’t want foreground mode? No worries: you can disable foreground mode (i.e., force Hook to operate in background mode, like it used to), via this Terminal.app (command line) incantation:

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook background.app.mode 1

If you use LaunchBar, then you’ll recognize that this setting is quite similar to LaunchBar’s Show Dock Icon preference.

oops the link downloads a diskimage which contains 3.2.1



point to https://hookproductivity.com/release-notes/hook-3-3/ which points to https://hookproductivity.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Hook-productivity-app-3.3-beta.dmg_.zip . When I mount the DMG I see Hook.app which is 3.3 beta

tested on two different Macs (part of our release process).

Is there a different link I am not saying?

8:42 AM: I also grepped for 3.*2.*1 through the Markdown source of the download file and couldn’t come up with anything relevant…

weird. must be my bad. sorry for the false alarm :grimacing:

my download manager says i downloaded 3.2.1 from https://hookproductivity.com/release-notes/hook-3-3 so i dont know what happened but its fixed now so

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thanks for letting us know.

I would like to be able to remove Hook from being visible in the Dock, while still having Hook in the menubar – without having to run a command line action every time. It is not uncommon for macOS apps to have the toggles available in preferences for being visible in the Dock and for being visible in the menubar.

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