Hook 3.3 public BETA 4 available for testing

Hook Version 3.3 public BETA 4 (4531; Integration v. 182) is now available for testing..
The big change in Beta 4 is that background mode is the default again. You can change the mode of operation ( background , foreground) using a terminal pref as described in the release notes.

For more information and a link to the download please see the Hook 3.3 public Beta release notes page.

For the record, Hook 3.3 Public beta 1 was described in this prior forum topic, whereas betas 2 and 3 were described here.


Thank you to users who have made suggestions, reported issues, contribute to the forum, read the forum, and/or simply use Hook.

Please consider putting the individual slides in the “Tutorial Slideshow” on a loop (repeat endlessly)? As it is now in 3.3b4 once a slide’s animation is over if we want to see the animation again we have to advance to the next slide then back again.

Alternative would be to have the repeat icon appear on top of the slide when its animation end. When clicked, the slide repeats. Just a small quality of life change for those of use who want to savor the tutorial a bit more :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the suggestion, @WJJP

And thanks to all for feedback on Hook 3.3 Betas 1 to 4. We’ve now published this topic: Hook 3.3 public BETA 5 is available for testing - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum, so I’ll close this one.