Add emoji before Hook Link for Finder (like 📁 FileName)

I’d like to easily modify link names (like add emoji/visual clue/symbols before the title, etc.). The reason is similar to others who want visual differentiation between their links from others.

I’ve seen several discussion strings for this type of request.

Scripts exist to allow everyone to customize links to their needs, but Finder scripts seem to be special. I’ve had a similar problem to the last link guy, who tried to modify Finder scripts but never worked.

My temporary solution was to modify the RTF directly which the link generated by Hook, The tool used Keyboard Maestro.

:file_folder: Hook link.kmmacros

Although I think the finally solution is that someone has to know how to modify the Finder script in Hookmark.
As well as I do wish it wasn’t just Finder, but other app link names would hopefully be easier to modify, for who don’t understand script languages.