Change the Displayed Name of file (Finder) in Hook

hello Hook team, i have used hook as my daily workflow from this year, and become the Essentials user because it really makes me feel free, comfortable and get rid of the pain shifting between diff apps in my Mac. i also use AppleScript with hook to make the un-supported app function and connected.

now i face problem when go deeper with hook in Finder. the Get Name script do not work(do not running) after i change it to my own script, the script i wrote is tested well using Script Editor.

i saved my script in the Preference - Script - Finder - Get Name tab.
i find no matter what i write in this tab(even an error script), it will not run the script in this tab if the Get Address tab return a “file://****” result.

i guess hook use a different strategy when it is a file. which mean hook app will take over the Get Name function and use its own builtin ways to set the file name, and ignore the customized script. the Get Name tab script only run when the file ext is “hook”. but i think it is ok to Customized the displayed name(applescript: name of bookmark ) in hook, at least Hook himself provide the function “Rename in Hook” in GUI interface.

the reason why i want to customized the display file name in hook because, when i linked an mail to two files in finder. after active hook, GUI will display the two diff hooked file. it is a headache to read the file name carefully and select the right one. usually the two diff file, one below to “Music” folder and another belong to “Movie” folder. before today, i rename by manual, from today i am trying to add it automatically by getting the file url using AppleScript, if linked file 1 belong to “Music” folder, i can add the "Music - " text in front of the displayed name, it will displayed like “Music - file 1”…and same way another file display “Movie - file 2”. in this way, i do not need use my eyes stare at the file name and guess which one is belong to “Music” folder or “Movie” folder, if i can not distinguish by file name, i need again stare at the sub title which display the path of the file…OMG, it is so painful to read a whole path content. the small text… and i have many many emails share the same routine.

and when i fail again and again, i give up and try to change the existing name of hooked file by go through all the bookmark using AppleScript, but i find these is no way to save the changed name of bookmark, i can only read it…

i realize it is out of my ability, i am not sure if this is a bug or maybe these is a reason to avoid user to change the file displayed name. if i change all file displayed name by manual adding text "Music - ", it goes back to the original point, which is hook make my work less, not more. so hope can get a feedback from you Hook Team.

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