Wish list: create a Hook emoji

As I navigate through Evernote and Bear notes, Scrivener docs, files, etc it is not visually obvious which ones are Hooked and which ones are not.

Suggestion: create a Hook public emoji which I can insert into the title of those Evernote and Bear notes, Scrivener docs, and filenames

thank you Luc

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Hi, this requires some manual work but I have a String Substitution set up in Alfred (but you can use the default macOS feature for that too), that inserts the folder emoji.

I am using
::folder which outputs :file_folder:

Edit: but being able to use templates for markdown links would be nice

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I could see that also being useful for files created via Hook to New and Make Hook File.

And emails.
(Related: While we’re at it, I’ve long wanted to add configuration rules for email links (and linked items, and .hook files), so people can specify if they’d like to include the source, destination, and/or date in the email. We of course have to pace development to make sure Hook remains stable and meets various needs.)


Good idea! Until I reach the point of having everything hooked, identifying hooked items easily will be very useful so I don’t keep invoking Hook to see if I’ve already created a link.

In my bibliographic software, Bookends, it’s important for me to know if I have the ebook or closely related material in Devonthink (my own writing, usually) so I hook to it (if it’s in Calibre; I so wish it was possible to hook to Kindle) and then use keyboard shortcuts to add a comment at the top of the notes. I have wondered about dedicating a user-defined field to this. I’ve also started linking to entries for books I own, whether physical or ebook, in LibraryThing, so I can know (a) where I need to look for it, or (b) it’s a waste of time looking for it as I don’t have it. I couldn’t use the emoji idea there, of course, as it might be a bit of a problem if they appear in my bibliographies!

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thank you for your comment