Version 176 of Hook software integration: Apple Photos App integration

Version 176 of Hook integration is available, which enables you to copy links to Apple Photos!

If you have hundreds or thousands of pictures, it can be quite hard to find the photo you need. What’s even more frustrating is having to redo the search in the future.

With the latest update to Hook integration software, once you’ve found the right picture, you can now copy a link to it, so that you can re-access that picture in an instant next time. Just paste the link where you need it, or hook it to something.

See Using Hook with Apple Photos App – Hook.

How to get the updated integration

Hook’s automatic software update (if enabled) automatically updates Hook’s integration scripts without you needing to relaunch Hook. Using Hook’s Check for App Updates and Update Scripts command also updates the scripts, without you needing to relaunch Hook.


This is awesome! Tried it here — works like a charm. :sunglasses::+1:


Great to hear about the Apple Photos integration. I can definitely see this being helpful!


That’s great!
But it’s currently not possible to link to albums, correct? That would be even more helpful for me.

Correct albums not supported. Basically we are limited by Apple Photos’ AppleScript dictionary.

I already feared that this would be the case :confused:
Thanks for clarifying!

Hello! I’m new to Hook (thanks to a friend who swears by it as essential to his work), and am trying to establish the limitations of Hook and Apple Photos. I’ve read through the various pages on the website, and this thread on Albums, but my question is somewhat distinct.

I have photos tagged using Photos keywords. Is it possible to hook to a Photos keyword search? Thanks.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @lutefish .

Currently, hook://photos/ URLs involve date-time. If Apple expands its API we will have another look at keywords.

I’ve corrected the above to refer to hook://photos/ . i.e., Currently, hook://photos/ URLs involve date-time.

Thanks for the swift response.

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