Is there any point in even asking about Hooking photos stored in Apple Photos?

Subject says it all.

I assume Apple’s not exposing’s data in any meaningful way.

Anyone got any convoluted work-around using Keyboard Maestro, shell scripting, or somesuch?


Just jumping on this question since an answer was never offered.

Are there any photo library programs like Photos (ideally!), Lightroom Classic, or Adobe Bridge, etc. that work with Hook or could work with hook in the future? It would be amazing to be able to link to pictures!

Possible workarounds are to import photos into DEVONthink or store your photos in Finder folders.

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I’ve tried several solutions myself with respect to Photos and haven’t been able to do a work-around.

even using Spotlight is not very helpful.

There’s a copy link function in iCloud > iPhotos. It’s time consuming. The address of a photo is not exposed in the address bar. (Very poor form.)

I would hope it’s just a matter of time before Apple provides a copy link function in Photos. (Hyperlinks are in a renaissance. I believe the upcoming hyperlinking manifesto will like be a tipping point.) But currently it seems that Apple still believes that the only purpose of hyperlinks is shared access. So it does not yet expose Copy Link where you’d expect it, such as Apple Notes.

No, I don’t know other solutions. I take photos (fewer during the pandemic), but I don’t spend a lot of time dealing with them.

Coincidentally, Photos was discussed by @MacSparky and company in the latest MPU episode: Mac Power Users #571: Catching up with Jeff Richardson - Relay FM. David mentioned how delightful the memories feature is.


@tantramar and @Frank . Turns out that Photos support is possible: Version 176 of Hook software integration: Apple Photos App integration - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum :blush:. Closing this topic so we can continue the discussion there.

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