Version 157 of Hook software integration is now available with support for Adobe Acrobat

Version 157 of Hook software integration is now available, with support for Adobe Acrobat — a PDF app.

With Hook you can link PDFs to anything. Hook’s PDF linking is not tied to any particular app. You can switch between PDF readers. By using PDFpenPro or Skim, you get robust, shareable deep PDF linking. Hook doesn’t yet do deep linking of Acrobat PDFs, but we are looking into it.

How to get the updated integration

Please make sure you are using Hook version 2.2.2, which was released earlier today; this is because Hook 2.2.1 has a glitch that prevents automatic software integration updates from happening.

Hook’s automatic software update (if enabled) automatically updates Hook’s integration scripts without you needing to relaunch Hook. Using Hook’s Check for App Updates and Update Scripts command also updates the scripts, without you needing to relaunch Hook.

This update is not bundled in Hook 2.2.2 which, as noted above, was released earlier today. It will be bundled in the next release of Hook.


Discussed on Twitter.


Can you explain what “support for Adobe Acrobat” means specifically, as well as how this might be different from Adobe reader support?

Reader and Acrobat are two separate products; cf Support Adobe Acrobat too – Adobe Reader already supported - Hook Feature Requests - Hook Productivity Forum. Reader was already supported. Now Hook should work the same for one as for the other.

I get that - but what does Hook now support in Adobe Acrobat that it didn’t before? Are there options for using Hook in Acrobat that don’t exist in Adobe Reader?

was unsupported before this.

Hi. Sorry to write that 2.2.2 does not seem to be working for me with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2021.001.20140 I select the document call Hook but the document name does not appear in the list as happens with other apps. Any suggestions to enable it?

Hi. Any feedback as to how I can use hook with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC?

I went through the configuration checklist that Hook provides and all settings are as indicated except for Root access that is not recommended by Apple for security purposes. Any work around? Would really stink to have to expose my computer to use Hook.

I tried latest version of that app. I first got a warning. I accepted the security permissions. Hook first showed No linkable item found in that app (as the permissions need to take hold). But on subsequent tries it worked.

we do not recommend disabling SIP. On the contrary, disabling SIP can interfere with apps like Hook.

Did you try removing and re-adding permissions for Hook to be used in the context of Adobe?

It is not my typical PDF reader. However, maybe someone else on the forum have seen the issue or have tips.

Just installed AAR after a long time not using it. I try not to hate anything in life but Adobe is close. Bloatware that wants to take over and then clunkyness (I present the lack of easy integration with Hook as evidence). Anyway, better get off that subject. What do you use? I have tried various pdf readers but I am not satisfied.

Re: Did you try removing and re-adding permissions for Hook to be used in the context of Adobe? Don’t know how to do that. My head is swimming with keyboard shortcuts and nothing comes to mind to directly affect Adobe permissions.

Thank you.

Correction, that was a 2020 version. Adobe’s Update mechanism is not working on my Mac (returns an error). I’ll work around that on some other Mac.

That’s my attitude too.

I’ll update the No linkable item found in <App> web page later today and let you know.

Turns out there was already allusion to this, though it’s somewhat subtle:

Since macOS sometimes gets confused: if your app is enabled, you may need to disable it and re-enable it (toggling the checkboxes).

which links to Accessibility Permissions – Hook.

So the idea is to uncheck and re-check the checkbox left of “Hook” label in the latter.

Are you on Big Sur? we’ve had some reports here of No linkable item found in <App> for some Big Sur users and it’s looking like there’s possibly a bug in Big Sur related to accessibility permissions.

If on Big Sur, did you migrate to Big Sur via Migration Assistant, or a clone? Or manually re-do all your settings?

Hello Luc, Thank you for your followup.

I followed your instructions and after a while the solution took hold. Was actually thinking of deinstalling AAR and gave it one last try, then it worked.

I am on Big Sur via the built-in Apple upgrade.

One last thing, what do you use instead of Adobe Reader for pdf’s?

All the best,


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