√ Support Adobe Acrobat too -- Adobe Reader already supported


Hooks works with Adobe Reader but does not appear to work with Adobe Acrobat. Any idea why that is?

Hook works with reader using its default script. Sounds like Acrobat would require a custom script, if anything. Haven’t looked into Adobe Acrobat yet. Does it have an AppleScript dictionary or other API?

Yes - there is a very detailed Acrobat Viewer Suite in the Applescript Dictionary.



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Support for Acrobat is available in Hook integration scripts Version 157. However, you might need Version 2.2.2 of the Hook app to see it. Imminent release of 2.2.2 if all goes well.

I will look for it to be released


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Version 157 of Hook software integration is now available with support for Adobe Acrobat - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum. We’ve got some other nice software integrations in the pipeline, including a very big one :blush: .

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