Transfer hook's data to a new Mac

This is a fantastic tool, and as such it will probably collect lots of connectivity information over time. When it comes to moving to a new Mac, is there any caution necessary to make sure the links/connectivity don’t get lost?

Thank you, Ottmar.

  • Hook links to files are partly implemented by aliases. We expect recovering from TimeMachine to be seamless if Mac aliases are restored properly. The use case of restoring from a backup where (for whatever reason not to do with Hook) your data restoration process breaks Mac aliases is not yet fully qualified. So if you need to do a restore from Time Machine during beta there is a risk of a delay.
  • There’s an export/import button that can be used for recovery. It removes the dependence on aliases. This tool also is useful for removing duplicate aliases and dealing with any consistency issues , should they arise. We recommend exporting before migrating to a new Mac, and using the Hook import feature on restore if necessary. During the beta period we also recommend periodically exporting for backup purposes as an extra measure of precaution.
  • Restoring from a clone of your disk will preserve Hook links (to files etc.)

We recommend (not just for Hook but in general) to not rely solely on TimeMachine or Migration Assistant; i.e., we recommend also maintaining, and if necessary using, a clone (e.g., via Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper).

We strive and intend to maintain compatibility when you restore, but also caution that Hook is still in beta.

We are still extending Hook’s online documentation and will publish a page soon (definitely before going from beta to 1.0 proper) about migration to new Mac or recovering from a backup. (There’s text on export/import of Hook data which we will also extend).

I’ve just published a new topic dealing with this issue, which references new help files. As noted in the new topic, the new documents no longer reference export and import. For more discussion on this, let’s use the new topic