On backing up and restoring hook data, and using Hook with multiple Macs

We’ve released new documentation about backing up, restoring and migrating Hook data:

  1. How to Backup and Restore Hook Data – Hook, and
  2. Using Hook on Multiple Macs – Hook.

Those two Help pages do not refer to the current export and import functions because they will be removed from the user interface in Hook’s transition out of beta to golden master. We intend to reintroduce them in a different form later.

Regarding the second document: Hook does not yet provide a mechanism for syncing between Macs. However, there are ways to use Hook on multiple machines for technology enthusiasts, which are discussed there.

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If syncing the folder between macs, is updating one machine’s Hook build before the other likely to cause issues?

Is there a safe way to merge Hook databases when syncing between machines for the first time?

Thanks for asking. I’ve updated the documents with the like of:

Make sure that the Mac to which you are restoring or migrating Hook’s Application Support folder uses a version of Hook that is the same or newer than the source Mac.

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Sorry, @stevelw, but that is not supported.

hook:// links (which you may have pasted in documents or fields) and .hook files will continue to work on either Mac, however.

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