Synchronization between several machines


I discovered Hook yesterday and I’m already a fan! :heart_eyes:

I fully agree some suggestions/bugs that have already been reported:

  • Another request for creating a “mesh” of links
  • Selecting multiple files generates a link to a folder

I come with a new suggestion (I don’t think it has been proposed).

Usually, I use two computers and it would be really great to be able to synchronize Hook between several machines. For example, I would like the Hook links created on my iMac to be reusable on my MBP and vice versa.

Some files are synchronized (NextCloud) directly on both machines. In this case, the storage space is provided by my university.

To make this thing more delicate (sorry!), another case involves the use of pCloud where many documents are stored. On one machine, I have the data synchronized and on the other, I access it via the “pCloud Drive” (

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Ps: If you need help translating Hook into French, I can help you :slight_smile:

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Merci beaucoup pour toutes ses suggestions, Jérémie!
Synchronization is on our product road map. I’ve aded NextCloud and pCloud to the requirements.

We’ll address the multiple file selection issue too.

I have a set of enhancements on the map that should handle mesh-linking as a special case, also on the product road map. We’ll say more about it some time after the launch.

Many aussi pour l’offre d’aide de traduction! J’accepte avec gratitude :). Mon français est québecois et un peu rouillé. J’espère commencer ce travail au printemps.

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Another upvote for cross-machine synchronization, recognizing this is a very difficult problem (what happens if a link is to an object that exists on one machine but not on another?).

I hope the implementation can be relatively agnostic as to the underpinnings of the sync service, so that many are supported - eg Resilio, SynologyDrive,, box, etc…

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A late follow-up to this thread – we published some documentation late spring:
Using Hook on Multiple Macs – Hook

Automatic syncing Hook-data between Macs is one of our top current development projects.