Support added for Notebooks 2 for Mac

Support for Notebooks 2 for Mac is included in Scripts version 57 with some caveats:

  1. Notebooks 2 uses slightly brittle links (notebooks://show/<book-title>/<note-title>) which break if you move a note to a different book, or rename it, which is unfortunate.
  2. Notebooks 2 works with drag and dropping to the Hook menu bar, but the links are incompatible with the links copied from the Hook window. Drag and drop gets a file link: file:///User/documents/notebook-notes/book/subbook/note.html and copying from the Hook window gets an app scheme link: notebooks://show/book/subbook/note.html

We’ve messaged the developers about using a persistent UUID to link their notes — hopefully they will oblige.

Should this post be categorised?

thanks, Steve. I’ve now categorized it.