Shorter Links in Taskpaper


is there a way to get shorter links in Taskpaper? From TP I link to multiple files and folders through Hook links, but they frequently have between 100 and 150 characters. The TP document becomes a mess… maybe I didn’t see the forest for the trees?

Thanks, Hans

There is a discussion on this from the TaskPaper angle. From a scan down that thread, I don’t think they’ve come up with a good solution

I tackled the same issue with a different approach. Rather than pasting the link into the Taskpaper text, I hooked the Taskpaper task and the linked file from within Hook. Here is the thread explaining how.

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Thanks. Looks like I may wait for Taskpaper 4!

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Do you mean shorter hook://file// URLs? The stuff in hook://file// URL from “?” onwards can be deleted at the cost of a bit of robustness. One could write a little AppleScript that shortens the URL. One could write a version of ``Copy Markdown LinkorCopy Linkcommand (based on Hook's API) which trims the URL. We've debated link shortening internally (as one of us sometimes finds himself shorteninghook://file//` Markdown links), and I’m sure it will come up again this year. We always appreciate hearing from users about it.

Ah, this helps a lot. It does work actually fine so far. I don’t mind shortening them by hand, we’ll see how it goes!

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I would certainly appreciate the ability to shorten links. My pdfs of articles (managed by Bookends) are typically named with the lead author, the year of publication, and much of the title. This leads to very long links. If I was starting out now, I might adopt another system, but I can’t really go back on twenty-five years of work and change all the names now. At least, I could probably change all the names, but I could not change all the links buried in various texts all over my file system.

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