Remove the "Hook is initialising" window

Feels totally out of place on macOS… just imagine if every menu bar app opened a window like this when you restart your Mac.

Well, Bartender shows a window “Bartender is rearranging….”, so it’s not quite alone.

Oh god, others apps are doing this as well? What’s the use case for them, anyway?

We take your point, we plan to modify this soon. Still to be fair, Hook is not just a menu bar app nor is it a document processor. It has a database and creates and manages a lot of information. (DEVONthink similarly has an initialization window). We do it to let you know the software is initializing, not hung. There’s an OK button. (In the past it had more text, which we removed based on user feedback).

However, like I said we do have plans to at least make it optional (“don’t show this again” checkbox).


That’s great! Thanks!

Actually, I think maybe Bartender throws up a notification, which presumably I could turn off…