Remove initial splash screen

This has been brought up here a and here, but I’ll try again:

Hookmark puts up a splash screen during startup to tell the user it is… updating itself? In my M1 MBP, it covers every other window on my screen for about 30 seconds. This is extremely unMac-like and irritating. I use many utilities and none of them do this, for good reason.

Please please please get rid of this.

(I’m otherwise a happy user of Hookmark from about day 1).


We’ve done a few things for this one over the years. I’m surprised and sorry it’s covering so much screen real estate in your case. You can dismiss the window with a click --admittedly an extra step. In Hookmark 6 our plan is to make the window go away. The menu bar icon status could reflect initialization status. We don’t like to provide ETAs but, Hookmark 6 is expected next week. It has some very major enhancements. (For anyone new to Hookmark: updates are available free within first year and anyone with a valid Updates license.)


Hi @LucB, the area covered by the splash screen is small, but it takes a long time to go away. Great to hear you’re planning to remove this in Hookmark 6.


Disappointed to see this splash screen is still getting on the way of the user on launch on Hookmark 6.0 (which otherwise looks like a very nice release).