Rebranding to Hookmark

We’ve rebranded! As of October 23, 2022, ‘Hook’ is now ‘Hookmark’. See the FAQ for details.

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That’s right! we are

  • rebranding “Hook” to “Hookmark”.
  • renaming the Lite tier to Hookmark Basic
  • renaming the Essentials tier to Hookmark Standard

The change will take a few days to complete. There will be a corresponding blog post.

Hookmark 4.0 will be released later today. It is mainly rebranding, with some new integrations and bug fixes. The FAQ explains why we bumped the number to “4.0”

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Congratulations with the update and the rebranding. It is really exciting to see your continued development and improvement. There has never been a greater need for contextual linking as today where we are inundated with files, documents, information etc. Thank you so much!


Thank you! I hope all who agree that there is this need will consider signing the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking.