Nitro PDF Pro support in Hook


Smile’s / Nitro’s PDF Pen Pro has been rebranded to Nitro PDF Pro.

Hook doesn’t seem to work with it, yet. Is there any chance it could be added to the database?

I tried manually adding it to Hook and copying the PDF Pen Pro 13 scripts, but couldn’t get that to work…

I’m using the SetApp version of Nitro PDF Pro. It does seem to have an AppleScript dictionary, which looks like a good sign!

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Thanks for letting us know @tomkerswill . Those are essentially new apps as far as Hook is concerned. However, I just tested the SetApp version of Nitro PDF Pro, and the basic functionality works, using Hook’s default integration logic. But that does not deal with deep links, because each PDF app does them a bit differently. (So we adapt Hook integration to each PDF app supported by Hook, at least with respect to deep linking when we can.)

I don’t know why your copying/pasting didn’t work. However, Nitro have kindly indicated that the their AppleScript dictionary is the same, so porting should be super easy for us. High priority for us to support the new versions of their apps.

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Thanks again for reporting the new versions, @tomkerswill. FYI: Hook integration v. 215 brings deep linking to Nitro PDF Pen Pro - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum.