New webpage about the benefits of using Hook

I’m updating and extending the Hook documentation to do a better job of explaining the benefits of Hook. The goal is to help visitors to the website better understand

  • what Hook can do for them, and
  • how to achieve those benefits.

The slogan “One app, infinite applications” being true implies that we need to describe Hook from many different perspectives.

As part of this process, I’ve created a new web page on the Benefits of Using Hook. This starts off with a bullet list of specific benefits of Hook. Each entry in that list points to a web page that provides details on the benefit.

The list of benefits and linked pages are based on prior content that regular members of this forum will likely have read. I’ve tweaked and extended it, but the content needs more much more fleshing out (and even more proof reading). Ultimately, this section will link to additional content in the Help section of the website. I intend to explain benefits in more detail, with screenshots and videos.

But given that Hook is still in Beta, I wanted to draw your attention to the new pages (a) in order to get feedback; and (b) because there may be some new benefits/uses of Hook in there even for regular members of the forum.

Also, I’d like to invite members of the forum to share some of their uses of Hook.

As I will mention in separate blog posts and topic forums: Hook was in private beta for a long time. The public beta has gone quite well. Customer feedback through this forum and email has enabled us to assess and improve Hook. We deeply appreciate that. We expect Hook to transition to “Golden Master” in April. The Benefits and Support documentation will then be consumed by much larger numbers of users.