iThoughtsX: linking to specific nodes in a mindmap

Hi all - I use iThoughtsX as for mindmaps. A great feature is you can right-click any node and ‘copy as link’. However, invoking Hook only links it to the overall document, not the specific node. Any idea how to enable these deep links?

This could be automated I suppose, but here’s what you can do for now:

Select the node you want to link to in an iThoughts map, then navigate to Edit / Copy as / Link to put a copy of that node’s link on your clipboard. Don’t use Hook for this step.

Navigate to the document or site or whatever that you want Hook to link to the iThoughts mind map’s node copied above. Invoke Hook, and choose Hook to Copied Link.

You’re linked up now.

A think to remember about Hook is that you don’t always need Hook’s automation to copy links for you. You can do that manually like above.

Have fun and keep safe.