Issue with Drafts and OmniFocus

I’m seeing an issue with hooks between Drafts and OF3. The hook gets established and appears when I invoke Hook on either side. However, I can hit enter and will move from the Drafts side over to OF. But if I pull up Hook in OF, it will show the hook back to Drafts but hitting enter doesn’t take me to Drafts.

Any help appreciated

Thanks for getting in touch, Arthur.

We updated integration with Drafts in April: [Hook integration scripts v. 114 now available: updates Notes (for pre 1.5.1 users), Drafts, and Agenda integration - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum

What versions of Hook and Drafts are you using?

Drafts Pro or regular? v. 20.1.14?

could you try doing Copy Markdown Link on a drafts document and sending it over so we can inspect the URL?

Thank you,


also, is it possible that in Hook > Preferences > Scripts, you have overridden the Drafts script on the left? If so, there would be a * to the right of the Drafts label. you can remove overrides by hitting the “-” button at the bottom left while Drafts is selected.

Omnifocus 3.8 (v143.1.19)

Drafts 20.1.4

Omnifocus 3.8 (v143.1.19)

I checked and there is no “*” beside the Drafts script.

Let me know if you need anything else.