Hook integration scripts v. 114 now available: updates Notes (for pre 1.5.1 users), Drafts, and Agenda integration

Version 114 of Hook’s integration scripts is now available.

This publishes a significant change to Apple Notes integration that is already built into Hook 1.5.1, which is described in the 1.5.1 Release notes. In sum, Hook now presents a dialog box when you invoke it in the context of Apple Notes. You can click through the dialog box. There’s a more detailed explanation in Hook’s online documentation and some work-arounds for linking Apple Notes.

Two further changes (not in Hook 1.5.1) :

  • We’ve updated integration with Drafts writing app by Agile Tortoise, Inc. This is to deal with changes in Drafts v.19, which affected some Hook users.
  • Fixed a recent issue with Agenda integration preventing the Hook window from being populated.

Thanks to customers for raising issues.