Initial attempts at DEVONthink and hook links

I have several videos on my external drive that I want to reference in devonthink. I am not very familiar with scripting, so I am using the following method:

  • copy hook links for individual file
  • paste the link as a bookmark in the respective devonthink group

I have to manually change the name of the bookmark as devonthink does not preserve the file name. Also, it is a bit tedious to copy individually if there are many video files to be referenced. Unlike indexed files, DEVONthink doesn’t show the preview.

Is there a better way to do this?

Is there a reason you aren’t simply indexing them on DevonT? That seems like a better process, avoiding the tedious process of individual files (and quick updating of indexed folders).

Yes, there some advantages in indexing. But my index breaks if I move the folder. It’s happened quite a few times with me. Looking for a way to avoid it, and in fact that’s one of my main expectations from hook

Understood. I just think you lose more than you will gain. (Can you hook the indexed folder to something, that way easy to find originals if need be? Perhaps a non-indexed hook url in an associated folder?)

I also thought same till the time my indexes broke :slight_smile: It’s easier to find the originals with hook links. It’s just that my method is less efficient and less elegant. I think there are posts about writing scripts to improve it but I’m not as technically savvy. Hence this thread :thinking:

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I agree this would be quite helpful

At present this would require a custom script - see this prior discussion

Thank you for linking the earlier thread. I also tried to create a hook file with multiple links and copy them in a rich text document. A bit patchy. So now I’m just linking to the folder and not the individual files.

I still need to resolve the issue of link names not being properly copied into DT as well as videos not playing in the preview window.