Wish list or now possible: creating links for multiple items in one app

I am a great fan of hook, and have spoken to many outstanding people who call Hook outstanding.

Using Hook many times on a daily basis, I often find myself in ONE app (be it Finder, Pathfinder, Bear, Evernote) and want to create links to multiple items in that app (multiple files or multiple evernote notes or multiple bear notes).

What I currently do each click on each item → Hook → create link → paste to wherever it needs to be pasted (for example a Scrivener document). It gets quite tedious when there are 5 items.

What would be the fastest way to select multiple files (or bear notes)→ create links → paste into Scrivener.

thank you very much

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Hook doesn’t yet support Copy Links on multiple selections. The integration framework does not directly support that yet. One could write a custom script for apps that have automation, however.

We do in particular wish to support this in Finder, probably with a Finder extension (similar to Dropbox). Actually, because of Hook’s automation, someone could go ahead and create one too.

Hook does support Copy All Links (plural), meaning once you’ve hooked a bunch of items to something, you can use this command to get everything that you’ve hooked to a resource. Those links can then be pasted anywhere, and also used in Link to Copied Addresses (plural).

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