How do I create Deep Links when using DEVONthink?

I admit I’m new to Hookmark and I have been able to make high level links to documents in DEVONthink, But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make a Deep Link to a specific PDF page.

I have Adobe Acrobat selected as my default app for PDFs.

I have read the Hookmark page about Devonthink. I am trying to link pages within a PDF document that resides within the DEVONthink eco system and hook it to particular pages within a Scrivener document. Should I not be able to produce a Hookmark based URL to be placed in the Scrivener document that would take me to the PDF page?

I would appreciate any direction on making this happen.

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View the pdf inside of DT, not acrobat. There you can scroll to the page you’re working on and copy the page-specific link from the contextual menu.

I have tried that method but it simply opens the document in DTP without taking me to the specific page. Should I be using Skim then?

Are you using “Copy Page Link” from the right-click contextual menu in DevonThink? That creates a link with the specific page. I then go to another item, invoke the hookmark window, and command-v to paste the link and create the hook. It works for me to open PDFs to a specific page, even after I have scrolled elsewhere in the document.

The DevonThink shortcut for page link is shift-control-option-command-c, which is deeply awkward.

Your method works, but it’s not a Hookmark. It uses DTP’s internal url/link structure independently of Hookmark. While it works, it doesn’t give you 2 way linking or traceability.

@jpottsx1 , After you copy the pdf link from Devonthink, you can select the Scrivener document that you want to link, invoke Hookmark, click on Hook to Copied Link button or click on action menu → Hook to Copied Link, or simply type the shortcut:command+v.

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