Hookmark integration v. 245 Updates Apple Mail app; Curio integration; and Ventura System Settings app

Merry Christmas season !

Hookmark integration v. 245 is now available with enhancements related to Mail app, System Settings and Curio.

1. Mail app

The default script for Mail app has been improved.

Hookmark now by default provides date and source e-mail information. Here’s an example of the new email link names:

2022-Dec-22 From Luc Beaudoin <lucb@cogsciapps.com> to lucb@Cogsciapps System Preferences

(That should normally appear as 2022-12-22.) The URL hasn’t changed of course.

We’ve added variables at the top to make it easy to configure the names of links for your language, e.g. changing “from” to “à”. Or you can just make the labels empty. See Hookmark Preferences > Scripts. We’ll expand on this in an upcoming help page.

2. Curio — advanced notebook app for research, by Zengobi

We know many users are happily using Curio and Hookmark together. Makes sense, they are cognitive productivity tools that support deep thinking, and work very well together.

Curio 23 is now available with improved links. @georgezengobi has made curio:// URLs robust, even if you move files around.

We have not yet changed Hookmark’s default integration with respect to Curio, which is to address Curio files with hook://file/ links. However, we have made it very easy for Pro users to change Hookmark’s integration with Curio to use curio:// URLs. The advantage of curio:// URLs is that they are deep, pointing to the specific selection in a document, if there is one.

So, for many users it will be better to switch to using the native curio:// URL scheme. There are two different ways to change the address that Hookmark uses.

  1. As explained in Hookmark > Preferences > Scripts > Curio (in the app), you may change the script directly, by commenting out this line:

set URLScheme to "curio-default"

  1. or you can use a command line default

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook integration.curio.URL.scheme true

Just keep in mind that if you access prior Curio documents using a different URL scheme, you will not see prior ‘hooks’. However, fear not !, they are still in Hookmark and findable through search.

If you decide to stick to the current URL scheme used by Hookmark ( hook://file/) in Curio, you can still get the benefit of Curio’s robust links, by using Curio’s Copy Hyperlink command, and then using Hookmark’s Focus on Link in Clipboard.

We will soon update the Using Hookmark with Curio page to explain the options in more detail. And we expect to further tune integration with Curio.

3. Ventura System Settings fix

For better or for worse, in macOS Venture Apple dramatically replaced the System Preferences app with a new System Settings app. Hookmark didn’t play well with the dialog boxes that Ventura’s Settings app can display.

This is fixed with the v245 script updates.

Making software integration even easier to configure

We recognize that many users would prefer to tailor integration without modifying scripts. So, we plan to extend Hookmark’s handy integration framework to support UI components. You will be able to use checkboxes and other UI elements to configure integration with your favorite apps. We’re open to input on that.

Survey coming up

Please subscribe to the Hookmark newsletter. We will be including links to surveys so you can give us input on our software development priorities (for instance how important a user friendlier script editor is compared to other enhancements you’d like us to add.

Hookmark 5.1 public beta

Hookmark 5.1 public beta 1 is very close to release. Hopefully this week-end.

How to get the updated integration

Hookmark’s automatic software update (if enabled) automatically updates Hookmark’s integration scripts without you needing to relaunch Hookmark. Using Hookmark’s Check for App Updates and Update Scripts command also updates the scripts, without you needing to relaunch Hookmark.

This requires a valid Updates license. Or Pro users can edit updated integration directly.

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