Hookmark context window popping up regularly — solution : if using Trickster or related process, delete old Hook.app files (not Hookmark)


After updating to Ventura on my Mac, I am finding Hookmark to be randomly invoking itself when working on documents (i.e. without any keyboard shortcuts or other requests being made). This is naturally very distracting and I’d be grateful for some assistance as it is making Hookmark unusable.

Thank you

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @langley . And thanks for asking. If you used the in-app update mechanism to update from Hook 3.x to Hookmark 4, and the app was not renamed, then please:

  1. rename Hook.app (version 4) to Hookmark.
  2. delete all prior instances of Hook app (you can zip them first if you like; but we have an archive)
  3. run Hookmark

if the problem persists please let us know.

Thank you — I will give that a try

I’ve got the same problem and can’t get rid of it. Hookmark ist constantly invoking itself on Ventura.
I already deleted Hook, installed Hookmark4 (and also tried with Hookmark5), it still remains invoking itself every 55 sec.
Any idea how to fix this?

Sorry for the trouble.
Could you please take a screenshot of the popup window and post it here? Are they alert windows or regular Hookmark windows?

Thank you

No alert windows, just the regular Hookmark window pops up every time, without keystroke, just by itself.

Could you please go to Hookmark preferences window ->Shortcuts, turn off the shortcuts for showing Hookmark window and see if still happens?

Remeber to turn them back on afterwards. You can open Hookmark window by click on the Hookmark menu bar icon.

Thank you

Thanks for your advice. It still happens, with both shortcuts turned off :-/

Sorry for the trouble.

Could you please also turn off sync and show current items’s number of hook in Preferences window? See if it helps.

Thank you

Sync is now turned off, item’s number already was - didn’t change anything, it’s still invoking the window by itself every minute or so.

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @Derk. Sorry you’re running into this annoying issue. I recommend:

  1. delete all prior instances of Hook and Hookmark apps, (including the DMGs, you can zip them first if you like; copies are stored on the website).
  2. empty the trash.
  3. Make sure there is just one instance of Hookmark.app
  4. reboot

If you are using a Setapp version of Hookmark, please uninstall and reinstall it.

Please do not however delete your Hookmark lib folders (such as ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.cogsciapps.hook/) (unless you have a backup of it).

These are “sledge hammer” steps. It is unclear why Hookmark would relaunch itself. We had prior reports of this happening, and they went away, with one or more of the above steps.

@langley, are you still having this issue?

Thanks for your advice, but this also doesn’t work.
I deleted every instance, every DMG, even the lib folder (backup on an external drive), emptied the trash. But nothing changed, after downloading and installing a new version the app still keeps on invoking itself, which makes it pretty useless – I’m always interrupted in whatever I’m doing and have to get rid of the hookmark-window.

@langley, @dirk and anyone else: if you are (still) seeing this and are using Trickster app would you please let us know if quitting Trickster solves the problem? This explains at least some cases of this problem. Maybe all of them. We can also reproduce it on Monterey and Ventura when Trickster is running.

So for now the solution would be to not run Trickster and Hookmark at the same time.

If you are experiencing this and it is not due to Trickster, then please consider whether you have any automation ( via Keyboard Maestro, AppleScript, or anything) that might be interacting with Hookmark. You can see the processes running on in your account using Activity Monitor ; or all processes via sudo ps -ax in Terminal app.

To make this topic easier for others to find, I’m renaming this topic from “Hookmark randomly invoking itself on Ventura” because it’s unlikely Hookmark is invoking itself in this case (the only case Hookmark has a UI change independently is in menu bar window [not the context window], but customers have turned off that feature). Also it’s not just Ventura. And it doesn’t seem random but regular. so “Hookmark context window popping up regularly”.

@LucB Yes, after quitting Trickster Hookmark now works fine! Thank you!
(I tried then one more step: After quitting and trying to restart Trickster both apps froze, I had to quit them via „Aktivitätsanzeige“ (activity monitor?), after that I startet first Hookmark, then Trickster and now they both work together without popping up the context window).

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Hi, @dirk. Trickster developer here. Trickster itself didn’t change in a while, certainly not its connection to Hookmark but Hookmark itself changed (and maybe how macOS handles thing). We’ll take a look at how it invokes Hookmark and what can be done to fix this problem. @LucB and I are in contact about it. What’s your environment (version off macOS, version of Trickster and Hookmark)? When did it start to happen?

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Interesting! Yes, I do have Trickster installed, but it hasn’t yet become part of my regular workflow—I installed it thinking it looked useful, but haven’t spent the time to integrate it. Having just clicked on the menu bar icon it popped up with a menu asking me to locate Hook. I then chose Hookmark from the list of applications. I will test to see whether that solves the problem, and if it doesn’t will try quitting trickster

It would help to know the specific versions of Trickster, Hookmark and macOS used since I don’t experience these problems with Trickster 3.9, Hookmark 5.0 and latest versions of macOS 12 and 13.

That being said, we do need to update Trickster anyway, at least because the branding of Hook itself changed and possible to solve this issue.

@bchend here can reproduce the issue with Setapp and standalone versions of Trickster 3.9 and Hookmark 4 and Hookmark 5 using 12.6 (she’ll try 12.6.2) and Ventura.

I cannot reproduce the issue. Have only tried macOS 12.6.2 (21G320), Hookmark 5 with latest Setapp version of Trickster (3.9).

Nothing changed in Hookmark 4 that vs. 3.8 regarding applicationShouldHandleReopen code. We know that Hookmark is on the receiving end of an event that opens window, but we do not currently know where that event comes from.

We tried disabling our AppleScript method that can bring up the window, and this did not prevent the problem (to our surprise).

It looks like there is some other variable involved . I don’t know what. I couldn’t see a relevant Trickster preference to explain the diff.

I think I figured it out but I may need your help to confirm.
I think it’ll happen to customers whose app name for Hookmark is not “Hook”.
I’m not sure how new downloads are called but my “upgraded from Hook” version was still called Hook.
When I manually renamed it from Hook to Hookmark, I got the “Locate Hook” dialog popup.

@LucB @langley @dirk Can you confirm that your application name is something other than “Hook” in Finder when it fails?


@bchend came to the same conclusion.

I don’t have the problem and my local copy is Hookmark.

In sum, if a user runs both Hookmark.app and Trickster, and have previous hook.app on their machine, they will see this problem.

I guess perhaps there was still an instance?