Hookmark 6 now available: New Bookmarks window, see indirectly hooked items, and more

Hookmark Version 6.0 (5779; Integration v. 296) is now available. It contains some of the most frequently requested major new features.

  • Hookmark now contains a persistent Bookmarks window where you can peruse all your bookmarks. To access it from the Context window, type ⌘B, or click the Bookmarks icon in the title bar. Or use the global keyboard shortcut defined in Hookmark’s Preferences. Dismiss the window with ⌘W or ⌘H.
  • The Context window has two new sections INDIRECTLY HOOKED and RELATED ITEMS. Hide and show them via Gear menu > views (or keyboard shortcuts).
  • The PINNED and RECENT sections have been moved to the new Bookmarks window.
  • You can now filter the Context window using ⌘F.
  • You can now use Hookmark in more than one macOS account at the same time.
  • The Advanced context menu has been removed.
  • Improved startup time

This also bundles several software integration enhancements.

Full release notes are available here.

Thank you to everyone who tried out the beta versions of Hookmark 6.


I’ve searched to no avail to find comments on version 6. So, here goes:

I no longer find that I can invoke Hookmark and access a hooked item as quickly when using the new bookmark window. I find I hunt for the window, find a list of all the times items are hooked, must sort through them, then use what I wanted to find.

I could click on the new Dock icon. This means I must use the Dock, and an extra step is added. Dock=>Hook=>Item vs. Hook=>Item. Friction lessens focus.

Have I missed something that gets me where I want to go?

I have just found that the shortcut to bring up the Bookmarks window crashes HM6. Crash report sent.

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Sorry about the confusion.

Do you mean you would like invoke Hookmark window directly? You can invoke Hookmark window directly using the shortcut (e.g., Control+H), just like before.

Thank you for reporting this. We will fix it ASAP.

No. It is slower. There are added steps which slow down using the app, as opposed to before v6


Do you mean opening Hookmark is slowing than before? If yes, you can turn off indirectly Hook section and related section(Gear buttonn->View) and turn them on when necessary.

If you’re referring to accessing PINNED and RECENT items, you can define a global keyboard shortcut for this. So it remains a one step operation. Or you can do ^H ⌘-B.

We may add a keyboard shortcut for pinned so users won’t need to click to access that section. Having said that the Bookmarks window currently defaults to the Pinned section, and Hookmark remembers the section you’ve last used.

We moved PINNED and RECENT into a separate window because there are two extra optional sections in the context window. Having 5 sections in a window seemed overkill. There’s a clear difference between the Bookmarks window and the Context window. Context window is for contextual items.

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I have the same problem. Invoking Bookmark shortcut terminates hookmark unexpectedly.

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I cannot search my bookmarks as I searched before (⌘F). I need to first open the new bookmarks window and then search in it. Is this the new flow or is it possible to search them on the main window?

I am giving 6 another try. I find that the shortcut ctrl-sfht-h crashes the app after the initial use. So, if I use it to bring up the window it works, but if I try a second time, the app crashes.

A better description of the experience of finding an item I wish to access in v6 is:

First use:

  1. ctrl-sfht-h (the pinned items appear)

  2. Sort through all the instances of items to find the one I want.

  3. Double-click the item (it appears)

Second use:

  1. ctrl-sfht-h (crash)

In v5 it is:

Fist use:

  1. Ctrl-h (Hookmark appears)

  2. Double-click the item (it appears)

Second use:

  1. Ctrl-h (Hookmark appears)

  2. Double-click the item (it appears)

No crash

It’s now ⌥⌘F brings up the search field in the Bookmarks window.
⌘F is to search within the context window.

I notice that if I search for a file that has a hyphen in the filename, the search function in the bookmark window doesn’t find the file.

For example, if I have filename-22 and filename-23, etc., and I include the hyphen in the search, no results show up.

Although I really like being able to see a list of all of my bookmarks and potentially delete stuff I don’t need, I greatly preferred having the option of searching in the main Hookmark window. It was handy to have the linked files pop up below the search. The new interface requires another click to see what’s linked. I wonder if we could keep the search function in the main Hookmark window while also having the option to open the new Bookmarks window.

The trick is to quote the text like this: "filename-22".

Thanks for the feedback regarding the new Bookmarks window.

Can I add just one more item of feedback, specifically about pinned bookmarks. (Caveat: I may have misunderstood the process here, or there may be a better way of doing it… apologies if that’s true.)

The problem with having two separate panels is that you’re making a decision about which to use upfront, when for several years we’ve been used to use cmd-shift-space automatically for everything. Realistically, we’ll end up doing cmd-shift-space then cmd-b for a long time to come :grinning:.

No doubt we’ll get used to that in time (when the current shortcut bug has been fixed): the real problem is that the pinned / recent bookmarks don’t accept the hook to copied link feature.

So, you can’t, for example, go this page, and copy the link, then work your way down the pinned and recent list linking them with cmd-v. Instead you’ve got to cmd-c on each of the links and each time go back to the current page and then link it.

Is there a reason why cmd-v doesn’t work on pinned/recent bookmarks? Or if not, is there a better way to do what I’m trying to do?



I like the new search window. Interface suggestion: After the window pops, a down arrow key should highlight the first item and subsequent down/up arrows should allow navigation through the list.


Any word on when we can expect the SetApp version of Hookmark 6 to be availaible?

Similar to this, I find that 6 finds a file hooked to another file just as it should, but I have a file, the name of which I change every day, and 6 will show a month old name for it when I search for items to which it is hooked. I have opened the file and verified it is the correct file, but the name in the Hookmark window is wrong.

6.0.1 will soon be submitted to Setapp.

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Thanks for the search tip and for receiving the feedback about the Bookmarks window.