Hookmark 6 now available: New Bookmarks window, see indirectly hooked items, and more

Agreed, adding this would save a step. For now, one can press forward arrow to bring up the Hookmark window on the selection.

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Ah, I see — I’d missed that.

That’s helpful, thanks!

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Hookmark 6.0.1 is now available on Setapp. The lag allowed us to ensure issues in 6.0 were fixed before it was released on Setapp.

Congrats on the release.

I must say I’ve been using Hookmark more and more since v6 started its beta. Bookmarks really feel more “accessible” in various contexts.

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Is there a way to go back on v5 on Setapp ?
My way to use Hookmark is using recent hook to link files… and in a middle of a big work, it appears difficult to change my habits. :frowning:

I don’t think so, unfortunately. It’s a good question to ask the Setapp folks.

You could use an older stand-alone version of Hookmark. Just quit the app, then copy your ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.cogsciapps.hook/ over to the Setapp version of this folder, and relaunch Hookmark. I hope this helps.

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Thxs, but I just obtain a basic version of Hookmark. :sob:
(I just want possibility to have recent & pinned section back in Context window :wink:

Oh, I guess it expired. I think you’d need to buy a copy of Hookmark Standard to be able to go back and forth between versions of Hookmark.

There’s a global keyboard shortcut for bookmarks window, ⇧⌘H, if that is what you’re looking for. That way you can directly see your Pinned and Recent items. You can use ⌘H to hide the window.

Would you and other users want an “auto-hide” feature for the Bookmarks window, so that it can work a bit more like the Context window?

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I’m finding that the workflow for v6 has got “clunkier” and more frustrating…partly because of the loss of the immediate Pin list, and the fact that you can neither drag from the Bookmark window/Pin List, nor easily keep both windows open at the same time. Having to copy links with the context menu to connect, say, an Anybox entry to one of my categorical text files is slow and awkward, especially when the windows aren’t consistently persistent. And with the behavior that the context window always defaults back to the top entry in the All Bookmarks or Recent lists when those are selected in the Bookmarks window.

My use cases haven’t changed. I’m trying to use Hookmark as a “super-tagging system”…creating text files like “Frequently Used Forms” and “Handy D&D Reference Tables” in my Hookmark notes folder, pinning them, and then creating links between them and various jpgs, PDFs, Anybox captures, Obsidian files, Apple Notes, etc. To do this, I have to:

  1. Click on the file
  2. Click on Hookmark
  3. Click on Copy Link
  4. Click on Bookmarks (which makes the Hookmark window disappear)
  5. Click on Pinned Files
  6. Right-click on my Text file and Copy that Link
  7. Click on Hookmark again to bring it back
  8. Click on Hook to Copied Link

This is a lot of pointing and clicking. It would all be a lot easier if we could still have Pinned entries in the context window. And if the context window would stay open until we’re done with the operation (or hit Esc or something). It would also be great if we could drag entries from the Bookmarks to the context window?


we will do a survey on Hookmark 6. So far most people seem to like the new UI, but some don’t.Please subscribe to our newsletter if you’d like to be informed of it.

Hookmark 6.1 will bring in tags. They will be available in both the Bookmarks window and the Context window

There’s a global keyboard shortcut for it. So you can get to it quickly. We will add autodismiss option so that it behaves like context window.

My experience so far is when I explain the rationale for the UI, users tend to get it. You can look at other topics on this subject here to see. But in short, we are building out (a) the context window with lots of contextual info; (b) bookmark window (with a tag view, and more). This is just the beginning. So it does not make sense to keep Pinned and RECENT which are _non contextual_. The window would be too busy. We’re following Apple principles of simplicity + power.

we will be adding drag and drop to and from context window and library window. Lots of stuff is coming to streamline the workflow.

The best way to make this happen faster is to spread the word about Hookmark :slight_smile: .

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this can be done in one step with the global keybord shortcut.

we will introduce two keyboard shortcut for this, one global, one local to Hookmark.

there are faster ways for the above. I will try to come back to this later.

THere’s an option in Hookmark preferences for this.

One thing to keep in mind is that Hookmark is designed to support multiple workflows. We’re aiming for power , simplicity and accommodating as many use cases as efficiently as possible. We’re definitely listening to all this feedback.

You soon will not be needing Anybox because Hookmark will do more of what it does and of course Hookmark does a lot more.

I have that option set in Preferences, but it doesn’t seem to work when the Bookmarks window has focus. On my system, this is pretty reproducible behavior.

As far as simplicity is concerned…there is hardly anything simpler than drag-and-drop. If, for example, I could drag a file directly onto an item in my Pinned list, thereby Hooking them together…that would be ideal. Who wouldn’t want that kind of intuitive functionality?

I was (and still am) hesitant to write some of my feedback. I feel things aren’t sharp, and I know they are going to be sharpened every few months. I like (and am often annoyed by the experience of) the new bookmark window and its interactions with the context window.

And while the context window does feel more intently contextual than it did before, I realized that under a wider definition of context, recent bookmarks and pinned bookmarks are also part of our context (respectively the temporal and the volitional contexts), right?

Obviously if we kept widening the definition, we’d encompass all bookmarks: they’re all part of the context of our interests and responsibilities.

Finally, I had this crazy day dream…

There was this horizontal UI where scrolling left helped us see historical bookmarks grouped by time buckets, starting from… the context window. Even without scrolling, we’d see, immediately left of the context window, our most recent bookmarks. Scrolling just a bit, we’d see the previous time we captured bookmarks, and etc.

When scrolling, they “flied under” and “got eaten” by the contextual window, b/c we need to keep the context window always in sight to drag & drop things from our historical context to our crafted context.

Anyway, this is kind of a lot and very costly to develop with the current technology choices, so it’s not worth discussing further.

Back to the main topic… we’ve got a complete new UI for these contexts (recents and pinned), which is going to be refined and made more practical every few months, so I feel I can reasonably hope everything will feel fine quite soon. :slight_smile: