Hookmark 6.0 Public beta 3 is now available

Hookmark Version 6.0 public BETA 3 (5754; Integration v. 286) is now available. See that link for detailed release notes.

If you are using macOS 13 you’ll particularly want this update.

This is the third public beta release.

Executive Summary

Main changes in Hookmark 6 itself:

  • Hookmark now contains a Bookmarks window where you can peruse all your bookmarks. Use ⌘B to access it, or click the Bookmarks icon in the context window. Or use the global shortcut to directly open the Bookmarks window from any app.
  • The Context window has two new sections INDIRECTLY HOOKED and RELATED ITEMS. Hide and show them via Gear menu > views.
  • The PINNED and RECENT sections have been moved to the new Bookmarks window.
  • You can now search for items in the context window using ⌘F. (that keyboard shortcut will change to ⌥⌘F).
  • You can now use Hookmark in more than one macOS account at the same time.
  • Improved startup time
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Is documentation planned for Indirectly Hooked and Related Items? I’d like to make sure they are working as intended. I had an Amazon link show up for Related Items when I was looking at Bookmarks for the Hookmark forums, and I was wondering why it decided to show me that particular thing. Maybe it was a close title match, as there’s not much to go on when deciding what is “related”?

I noticed this topic/answer that answered my question here

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Sounds great!

Is the 3rd beta already stable enough for productive use or would you recommend waiting?


It’s fine for productive use.