Definitions Please

Could someone provide Hookmark’s parameters that determine related and indirectly hooked?


They are not currently documented as this is evolving and quite dynamic at the moment.

One input to “RELATED” is “HOOKED NEARBY”. We considered putting that in a separate section. If there is a bookmark in Hookmark’s database that shares part of the URL path, it is RELATED. This allows you to discover items that you’ve bookmarked in the vicinity of the currently selected item.

This works for web addresses ( http:// & https:// ) as well as files ( hook://file/) URLs. This overcomes one of the biggest limitations that Hookmark had before Hookmark 6. People would ask “where’s my stuff?” This is the answer. As long as you’ve bookmarked something nearby, Hookmark will normally serve it to. you.

We’ll say more about this as we roll out Hookmark 6 documentation proper, but again it’s going to be very dynamic as we have many heuristics / AI to roll out — keep your Updates licenses current :wink:.