Hook with New Outlook Design

For those on the Insider track with Microsoft, Outlook offers a new design option – but it seems that Hook does not work after switching to the new design. Are there any plans to update Hook to make it work with the new Outlook design on the Mac?



Just want to +1 this. Love the new outlook design but I depend too much on Hook. Look forward to it supporting the new version.

+1 For me also …


+1 for me too! Many thanks.

I looked into scripting this myself, but the new version doesn’t seem to support AppleScript — at least not until the option to revert back to old version is removed.

Bumping this to see if there has been any progress on this front. I realise its Microsoft causing the problem - not Hook.

What’s the likelihood of a fix coming - anybody know?

Currently this issue is under review.

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I had a promising experience yesterday with the “New Outlook” (the one you can toggle on at the top of the app window). I was trying it out along with the Todoist plugin, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the Todoist plugin creates a task in Todoist that links back to the Outlook message across devices — sort of. I say “sort of” because when you click the link, the linked Outlook message opens in a web browser (the web version of Microsoft 365, in my case), not the Outlook app.

This isn’t ideal, but it is completely workable for me. I can use the new Outlook Mac app for most of what I do, except for those instances where I need to call up a message (in which case the message loads in a browser).

This link even works across my devices (iPhone included) in my limited testing. You still can’t move a message to a new folder without breaking the link.

I don’t have the know-how to see how Todoist is doing it, as there are no user-exposed links in the new Outlook. I suspect the app might be a web wrapper of some sort, but if someone were to figure this out and bring it into Hook, I would forever be in awe. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reporting that, @Evan, we will have a look.

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