Hook Version 3.3.2 public beta 2

Hook 3.3.2 Public Beta 2 – Hook is now available.

Please note that Hook 3.3.2 Beta 1 set the default to user. If that is what you want, you’ll need to set the variable back to “user.”, from Terminal.app like this:

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook hfile.url.search.scope user.

Other fixes in Hook 3.3.2

  • Hook 3.3.2 also fixes an exception.
  • Works around an Apple AppleScript bug (the bug is in Monterey only) which affected PDFpenPro deep linking.

More information

Please see Hook 3.3.2 Public Beta 2 – Hook for more information. (Same URL as prior 3.3.2 Beta release notes).

closing this topic because Hook Version 3.3.2 official release is now available - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum