Hook Version 3.3.2 official release is now available

Hook Version 3.3.2 (4565; Integration v. 186) is now officially available as an in-app update and from its release notes page.

This release works around problems in macOS 12 (Monterey) that affected some Hook users. Accordingly, this fixes a few exceptions.

Partial support of Apple Reminders is now available for Hook Pro users willing to paste an integration script into Hook.

This release also packages the Wavebox and PDFpenPro updates that most of you will have received as an automatic in-app update.

Full release notes are available online.


Thank you to everyone who tried out Hook 3.3.2 public beta, and any feedback shared regarding Hook.

Special thanks to @zsbenke for automation input on Reminders.


Please feel free to share this update with colleagues and your social media network :blush: .

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