Hook version 2.2 is now available: Deep PDF linking with PDFpenPro! Renaming of bookmarks! RStudio, & Freemind integration, and more!

Hook 2.2 is now available for download with: More deep PDF linking! Hyperlinks for use in iOS and iPadOS! Renaming of bookmarks! And many new and updated app-integrations, including with RStudio and Freeplane!

Deep PDF-linking

Using PDFpenPro 12 and Hook, you can now create deep links to PDFs. When you click on the deep link, Hook will open the PDF and PDFpenPro will scroll to the specific page and location to which it points!

You can even share deep links with anyone who has access to the same file, even if it’s on a different Mac! That means you no longer need to cite the page number and location of the document or copy and paste the text from the PDF.

Hyperlinks in Notes and Agile Tortoise Drafts

When you Hook to New > Apple Notes or Hook to New > Drafts, Hook will insert a link back to the source. In the case of Drafts, Hook now applies the tag.

So if you sync your Apple Notes or Drafts to iPhone or iPad, you’ll be able to use those links – again, assuming the linked items are synced.

Renaming of bookmarks

When we introduced Hook 2.0, we disclosed that Hook is actually also a new kind of bookmark manager.

In Hook 2.2 we have introduced the ability to rename Hook’s bookmarks.

Update integrations with your favorite apps

We’ve enabled you to link items to & from some other great apps!

We’ve updated integration with

Other improvements, more information

For a list of other improvements and for more information, please consult the Hook 2.2 Release Notes and the Hook productivity forum.

Check out the Smile Software blog which will soon have a post by myself on Deep Linking with PDFpenPro & Hook https://smilesoftware.com/blog


Thank you to our friends at Smile for providing automation for deep PDF linking in PDFpenPro! This shows great respect for knowledge workers who work intensively and extensively with PDFs! Lawyers, researchers, developers and many others will rejoice.

Thank you to everyone who provided input towards Hook 2.2.

And best of the Season to all.

Revision history

  • 2020-12-23 11:38: Updated re Drafts duplicate issue (now resolved in Version 2.2 (3973) now released).
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The deep PDF linking is a great feature -thank you. You say “More deep PDF linking” - are there any other PDF readers which also support deep linking to a specific page with Hook?

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Thanks for asking. The Hook 2.2 Release Notes – Hook:

To our knowledge, this is the first time this has been possible for stand-alone PDFs on macOS or any other platform. Hook also supports deep linking to PDFs embedded in Curio documents.

the page at that link has more info.


Can you clarify one thing - the instructions say to “select something” in the PDF app before invoking hook. Do I have to highlight text? Can I just be on a page? Is there a specific mode I need to be in? It worked for me at first but not now - there must be something I don’t understand fully as to when it will do a deep link and when it simply links to the document - what is the rule there?

Also can you clarify if I am required to set the default PDF reader to PDFpenPRO for this to work? Or can we have a pdfpenpro:// URL which loads that app and ignores the default PDF app?

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Any selection on a page should work : text or image.

yes at this point that seems to be required.

we made it generic, using hook://file/ URLs, which is how the URLs can be robust (a key feature), and so that you can switch PDF readers in the future.

In the future, we may introduce a PDF reader option under “Favorite Apps”.

Hook Pro users may as always tinker with their integration scripts.

OK thanks - I may do just that. Looks like a terrific start

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Hook Version 2.2 (3973) addresses two issues in the briefly available Hook Version 2.2 (3971): Hook to New > duplicate drafts; and hidden Pinned section.

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Hurrah for renaming Hook bookmarks! This was on my wish list and I hadn’t even gotten around to asking for it yet :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Also excited for RStudio support. Though I suspect it’s an edge-case app for many Hook users, I’m thrilled about it.

Happy new year!

– Robert

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Does renaming Hook bookmarks work from Applescript?