Using Hook with PDFpenPro

As noted: Hook version 2.2 is now available: Deep PDF linking with PDFpenPro! Renaming of bookmarks! RStudio, & Freemind integration, and more! - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum

Here’s an article of mine published on Smile Software’s PDFpenPro blog: Deep Linking to PDFs with Hook and PDFpenPro. You’ll notice that it mentions @MacSparky’s contextual computing concept and links to an article and links to an article of David’s on it. I highly recommend Dave’s concept and article.

Please feel free to share your deep linking use cases , screencasts. One of us will follow up with a screencast.


You know, it might be easier to create hooks to specific pages than to bookmark them.

I don’t know the syntax involved with PDFPenPro but it’s probably not too hard to eg search for specific text or fonts with some Python and note the pages and then drive hooking.

(When I say “fonts” I probably mean “point sizes” as chapter headings in the PDFs I work with are typically eg 30 point - and that is gleanable from a PDF with eg Python.)

I might experiment… :slight_smile:

do you mean links to specific pages? That’s the typical use case. Normally references to locations in documents are in the context of some other text.
In a memo a lawyer might reference a particular PDF’s particular paragraph .

A professor giving feedback on a dissertation draft PDF might write a document or email with a dozen comments , each comment referencing a particular link in the dissertation.

It’s neither hooks nor bookmarks, it’s the Copy Link function yielding a deep link.

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Yes. My use case might be a Drafts draft and pointer to a section in a PDF - side by side - in a draft that acts as a set of anchors to these pairs (and other parts for the project).

We have tools that generate 300+ page PDFs (actually Postscript) where we can’t programmatically inject bookmarks or TOC entries into the PDF (at least not automatically).

So if I want a pointer to “Job Dossier PABC1234” where that text appears in 24-point type I think I can find the page number by automatically scanning the PDF’s contents. Then I think Hook and PDFPenPro can, between them, get me the rest of the way.

I’ll experiment some time over the next few days.

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