Hook Version 1.0-beta (2115) is now available (built 2019-03-07)

Hook Version 1.0-beta ( 2115) is now available for download.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback towards this release.

IMPORTANT: Changed default effect of clicking on Hook’s menu bar icon

As discussed on the Hook productivity forum :

  • To help new users become accustomed to Hook, and to better align Hook with other apps, the default effect of clicking on the menu bar icon has been changed. Rather than presenting Hook’s menu bar window, clicking now presents the Hook window. (Issue 3188)
  • There is a new radio button group in the General Preference: “Clicking menu bar icon shows”: “Hook window” or “menu bar window”. (Issue 3205).
  • We’ve also added some status bar tips to facilitate onboarding.

We will make additional changes to help new users become accustomed to Hook. The most important upcoming improvement is to add a “welcome board” (a wizard that demonstrates Hook and enables users to configure Hook). As always, we are open to suggestions.

Improved app integration


  • Fixed a recently introduced issue that caused a long lag after dropping a mail message on menu bar icon. (Issue 3198)

I’ve edited this release note topic. I had called this build 2155. I meant to write 2115. Sorry about that!